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Why Hospitals & Health Systems Choose Canopy?

Provider Centric Tools & Resources

Canopy has harvested multiple innovative solutions to tackle the language barrier in healthcare systems. Canopy offers a turnkey solution for hospitals and health systems to provide breakthrough tools and industry-learning education materials for their medical staff to improve communication with the LEP patient population

Regulatory Compliance & Staff Training

Canopy provides solutions to enable Language Access Coordinators to optimize resources and provide patients with a seamless communication of care

Cost & Resources Optimization

Canopy provides solutions that enable Providers to quickly access the most optimal language access resources and ensure the language barrier does not have an inverse impact on LEP patient encounter cost or patient experience

What is CanopyLearn Medical Spanish?

CanopyLearn, awarded by the National Institutes of Health, is a breakthrough eLearning platform to train healthcare providers the ability and skills to communicate with patients who speak Spanish. CanopyLearn hosts a robust 40-hour medical Spanish curriculum in its 3-level courses, covering over 36 medical specialties. The all-3-level courses offer up to 45 CME credits and CE credits for nurses. CanopyLearn also has a comprehensive administrative dashboard for all levels of hospital administrators to monitor the learning progress and visualize the learning achievements individually and hospital-wise.

Medical professionals utilizing CanopyLearn have experienced:

Overall scores improving from 37% to 86% Pre vs Post Learning CanopyLearn Level 1

Listening scores improve

from 46% to 97%

Pronunciations improve

from 63% to 95%

Reading scores improve

from 55% to 91%

Medical Terminology scores improve

from 37% to 83%

Cultural competency scores improve

from 28% to 55%

Why Providers Need to Learn Medical Spanish?

The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the population of Spanish-speaking patients will comprise nearly 25% of the U.S. population by 2045. Yet nationwide, the proportion of physicians who identify as Spanish-speaking is less than 6%. With the shortage of Spanish-speaking providers at a stake and the demand growing higher, Medical staff – some with little Spanish speaking skills and others with more advanced proficiency – are interested in honing their medical Spanish skills. 

The ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and their families empowers the providers to provide more accurate and better care. Eventually, with more highly qualified bilingual staff available, the patients with limited English proficiency will become more satisfied.

What Our Clients Say

“Canopy Medical Spanish is one of the best courses I have ever taken! Better even than a university course I took in person because it is truly medical Spanish! It’s a great course! And I am addicted to the telenovela and I can’t wait to see what happens next (episode)!”

Priscilla Lee, MN, NP-C, CWS, University of California, Los Angeles

“I think the course is very useful as it incorporates diversified strategies to teach information to students (i.e. videos, fill in the blanks, matching). It is this diversification that makes the course interesting and easy to follow. I am having fun with the modules.”

Yenny Fernandez, Freelance Translator (English-Spanish)

“I think the program makes it enjoyable and the information is immediately relevant: you can use it right away. I think the Canopy Course is a really positive course to take.”

Arthur J. Engler, Ph.D., RN, Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing

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