canopy learn

I decided to take the course because I was curious and thought it would be a good review for me as a professor teaching medical Spanish myself! It certainly was. I liked the format: having listening exercises included where you hear native speakers talking, a good variety of vocabulary and grammar review. I loved the telenovela! I actually looked forward to what was going to happen next – I was really caught up in the whole thing! Learning languages – if you’re a beginner – is not very interesting. You have to memorize a lot: conjugations, vocabulary…. It’s like learning the piano, I think. You just have to practice those scales and move on with it! But, I think the program makes it enjoyable and the information is immediately relevant: you can use it right away. I think the Canopy Course is a really positive course to take.
— Arthur J. Engler, PhD, RN. Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing

I think the course is very useful as it incorporates diversified strategies to teach information to students (i.e. videos, fill in the blanks, matching). It is this diversification which makes the course interesting and easy to follow. I am having fun with the modules.
— Yenny Fernandez, Freelance Translator (English-Spanish)

I would absolutely recommend it because I think it’s the most high-yield Spanish course for medical Spanish. It’s everything that you need without having to wade through a bunch of unrelated Spanish vocabulary. I don’t really need to know how to order a meal or find a bus stop. I need to be able to communicate with my patients and understand what they’re saying back. It’s nice to have something so perfect for our profession. And I think that it’s also nice because it’s an interactive website. The training course is pretty easily accessible and you can go back and look up lessons and refresh what you need to look at.
— Lian Quach, DO Candidate