It puts people at ease and respects the fact that their language is not my first language. After that, I feel like it helps the whole encounter. [The patients] know I can fall back on this. They know that I bothered to open up the app and they’re comforted by that. Healthcare is always a high stress environment…
— Michael J Walz, MD, University of Minnesota

Typical example: it’s 2am and I have a Spanish-only speaking patient. I use the Anesthesiology portion of the app to convey simple phrases of what I’m doing...keep them in the loop. There are in-person interpreters and interpreter phones we use, but those are not readily available in the OR... If I’m putting a mask on their face, I can give them clarity: I’ll explain pre-induction, what an oxygen mask is... drugs I’m going to give, and why I’m giving those drugs, what’s about to happen next. When they’re waking up after anesthesia, there’s an emergent portion as well: “open your eyes”,“keep calm, procedure is completed.” That’s where I find it helpful: when I’m about to do a procedure or something to the patient, to make them more comfortable.
— Sang O, DO, Anesthesiology Tucson Arizona

I like to have pre-written questions available for the things that I routinely ask my patients. My patients have responded positively to it. A lot of people will use Google Translate but something else completely different and nonsensical ends up being translated.
— Liz Leo, RN

...Canopy seems to be the all-in-one solution. In an ideal world, every provider would have an interpreter on hand, but as our communities diversify and grow, this becomes both economically and logistically challenging. Canopy supports multiple languages and has the ability to connect providers to real-life interpreters, all from the palm of your hand. There’s no better solution. Everyone should have this app, whether they think they need it or not.

— Brandon Walker, Doctor of Dentistry Candidate

I’m not a big believer or advocate of organizations, companies, agencies, or whoever relying on Google Translate type resources since they literally replace the human element that is so necessary and important in interpretation, but Canopy actually enhances that human element. I think that’s what makes it unique and effective.
— Kaitlin E. Thomas, M.S., PhD Candidate