canopy quest

Canopy Quest is a mobile companion application to Canopy Learn. Quest is a second-language acquisition tool that supports on-the-go learning and places a strong emphasis on listen comprehension and speech production. Navigate through interactive role-play activities in actual patient-provider scenarios with a retro, game-like interface.



Interactive Role-Play

Based on real clinical scenarios, you play the role of a doctor performing a medical consultation in Spanish. A series of interactive role-play activities allow you to practice your listening, reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills.


Focus on Listening Comprehension

There is a strong emphasis on listening comprehension in Quest. You'll be hearing only Spanish from patient and provider. Be prepared to answer a series of questions about the content of the patient's chief complaint and choose the appropriate clinician responses.

Practice Speech, Listen Back

Quest encourages you to record yourself speaking the role of the clinician in the consultation flow, so that you can practice speech production and constructively critique your pronunciation.