Canopy Institutional Programs

Canopy's valued partners have access to NIH awarded Medical Spanish resources, as well as tools to empower its community.

Learn more on how to join us on the mission to break the language barrier in healthcare:


Affinity Partners promote Canopy's Medical Spanish e-Learning system to its communities, benefiting from a referral fee for individual purchases made through that relationship. They also take advantage of Canopy's engagement programs, that helps learners go through the learning journey.


Institutional Clients are divided into two categories: Clinical Institutions and Educational Institutions. Our packages are dedicated to both institutions that need as few as 20 seats, and to institutions that want to encourage organization-wide adoption.

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Free Resources

Canopy's Affinity Partners and Institutional Clients benefit from a wide range of free resources that support a successful implementation of our solutions. Below you will find a small sample of resources and benefits you can take advantage of when you partner with us.





Together with our partners, we organize and host webinars focused on sensitive topics for the medical community. This one was promoted to the members of American Medical Students Association (AMSA), and focused on the critical reasons every medical student should address the linguistic and cultural barrier in healthcare.


Case Studies


Canopy has helped Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) to diversify and enrich their medical Spanish offering. This more robust offering further promotes DUSON’s mission to foster a nursing community able to effectively address health disparities through improved communication with their limited English proficiency (LEP) patients.




The linguistic and cultural barrier in healthcare presents a critical issue for patients, providers, and health facilities: patients receive inferior care, providers are hamstrung, and health systems carry significant cost burden. In this ebook, we’ve examined the language barrier through a number of different lenses, introducing you to eight reasons why it is vital to prioritize solutions to this issue.



These scripted situations reflect real life situations
exposed by our community.


See what current partners have to say about the outcomes of Canopy Learn, the #1 Medical Spanish learning system.


Tragic Translations

Embarrassing Exchanges

Medical Misinterpretation


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