The Canopy & GWUMC Partnership

Canopy Innovations, Inc. envisions a world without communication barriers; our mission is to improve the quality of care for language-minority patients and to support the clinicians who serve them. The George Washington University School of Medicine (GWUMC) is a well-respected organization whose mission is to “[promote] the highest quality of emergency care and advocate for emergency physicians, their patients, and the public.” Through the establishment of an Affinity Partnership, the two parties intend to work together to raise awareness in the healthcare community about the pertinent issues, to equip frontline clinicians and administrative professionals alike with highly effective tools, and to ultimately elevate the quality of care for the underserved communities.


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Canopy Learn, the Canopy Medical Spanish Training course teaches English-speaking providers the skills needed to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. It is powered by a research-validated pedagogy, a rich array of interactive exercises, and consists of web-based curricula that deliver themed lessons at three successive levels of proficiency, incrementally building a learner’s medical language skills across five domains of communicative competence.