The Canopy & EVMS Partnership

Canopy Innovations, Inc. envisions a world without communication barriers; our mission is to improve the quality of care for language-minority patients and to support the clinicians who serve them. Through the establishment of an institutional partnership, EVMS and Canopy intend to work together to raise awareness in the healthcare community about the communication barrier, to equip frontline clinicians and administrative professionals alike with highly effective tools, and to ultimately elevate the quality of care for the underserved communities.

In order to take advantage of your EVMS premium benefit, you will be requested to complete a baseline survey. Your responses will help Canopy to better tailor your learning journey, and assess your usage experience to inform future improvements of this initiative.  Your baseline responses will also enable a more robust analysis of your progress when paired with your summative survey after completing the Canopy course. The final activation link will be sent to you via e-mail after the completion of the survey.


Course Overview
Canopy is an online medical Spanish course that empowers healthcare professionals with the skills to overcome communication friction and better care for increasingly diverse patient populations.    Learn more


Course Goal
The course teaches specialized medical concepts and terminology across a wide spectrum of commonly-encountered clinical scenarios.    Detailed Syllabus