Ensure Medical Professionals Have the Bilingual Proficiency to Increase LEP Patient Satisfaction and Care

Canopy Credentialing provides the highest standard of qualified bilingual providers

Designed to deliver the highest level of service and satisfaction to the LEP patient population, Canopy Credential is the complete solution that encompasses e-learning all the way to nationally accepted medical bilingual accreditation. With ACA regulations top-of-mind for administrators, Canopy goes the extra mile to ensure that every requirement of section 1557 is fulfilled.

Measure Appropriate Language Skills for Providers

Bilingual providers need specialized skills to effectively communicate with patients. Canopy Credentialing is the only CEFR aligned credentialing test specifically designed for the medical community.

Ensure Socio-Cultural Appropriate Communication Skills

Understanding social norms, habits, and biases help provide the framework for addressing barriers that are unique to that population

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Manage All Providers in One Platform

Human resources and management benefit from a high-level dashboard that provides insight into the mix of skills present within the organization proposed additional learning activities, and an overall strategy to continue to enhance multi-language healthcare provision. Essentially, Canopy provides a platform that assesses the organization’s readiness and compliance with ACA 1557 and the Civil Rights Act requirements.

Ensure compliance with State and Federal Regulations

Canopy Credentialing is more than a test, it shows the organization’s commitment to a strategic approach to improving multi-language availability. While credentialing your staff is the first step to ACA 1557 and Civil Rights Act compliance, it is much more than that. It is a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Trust in knowing your medical staff is fully bilingual proficient and ready to handle your LEP populations care with understanding and compassion by having them certified with Canopy Credential.

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