Canopy Learn is an Online, Self-paced eLearning Platform.

  • Funded & awarded by the NIH for innovation that improves LEP patient/provider experience
  • Validated by 100K+ users to be the most optimal teaching pedagogy for language acquisition
  • Language Acquisition promoted through creative course materials, such as our Telenovela series
  • Lesson Reinforcement of concepts supported through a variety of interactive exercises.
  • Unique exercises, such as patient-provider role-play, to Apply listening and speaking.
    ***Application, Reinforcement, and Apply to be highlighted in some way, as this actually describes  our unique teaching pedagogy.
  • Course content designed to increase learner’s awareness and level of cultural competency
  • Short, highly-focused microlearning exercises, that can be accessed on a mobile device

Canopy Learn is now offering Medical English for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese learners. Learn more about Canopy Learn Medical English.

Medical Spanish For Yourself
Medical Spanish For Institutions
Medical English Online Courses

Canopy Learn at a glance


Professional Learners


Medical Organizations

40 hr

Robust Curriculum

15 min

Learning Modules


CME or CE Credits

Turnkey Solution for Learners & Administrators

Slide Authentic Context Tutoring Cultural Competency
Patient-Provider Dialogue Earn Certifications
Medical Telenovela
Interactive Activities
  • Flexible pricing and payment options to meet various needs and budget

  • Turnkey solution for learning, teaching, & administration

  • Comprehensive administrative dashboard for tracking and reporting

  • White-glove customer service and full technical support via emails and calls

“Canopy (Medical Spanish) Program has been central to the success of our medical Spanish curriculum in the Medical School!”

Bernard Lopez, MD, Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion @Thomas Jefferson University

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