+ Purpose and Scope of Canopy Learn

Canopy’s technologies focus specifically on bridging the linguistic and cultural gap between providers and their limited-English proficient (LEP) patients, taking a unique approach to reduce myriad health disparities that result from poor communication. Our resources place the underserved patient at the center and support their providers to deliver a higher quality of care in a culturally and linguistically competent manner. Canopy’s technology development has been supported by grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

With 41 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S., the goal of Canopy’s medical Spanish course, Canopy Learn, is to foster current and future generations of healthcare providers who are more effectively able to establish a rapport and communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients. The creation of this resource was with the intention to support clinicians and administrators who serve LEP patients.

The course covers a wide breadth of medical concepts and Spanish grammar constructions, with the objective of obtaining essential conversation skills in medical Spanish. As a cohesive unit, the course and its exams teach and assess the certificate’s intended learning outcomes (ILOs), which can be defined as follows:

  • Build linguistic capacity, enabling the provider to better build rapport with Spanish-speaking patients to provide effective and compassionate care
  • Acquire specialized medical vocabulary across a wide spectrum of commonly-encountered medical scenarios

+ Are there any prerequisites to take Canopy Learn?

There are no prerequisites for Canopy Learn. It is open to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

+ Who is the target audience for Canopy Learn?

Canopy Learn is most appropriate for students with prior familiarity with the Spanish language. However, the course provides value to both the individual who begins with an elementary grasp of Spanish and the advanced or native speaker whose focus is solely on acquiring the specific medical terminology.

Regardless of ability, the provider will have increased cultural awareness and sensitivity to improve and facilitate more successful bicultural interactions. Learn arms the provider with a significant array of extremely relevant content and situationally specific vocabulary and terminology. Acquiring these domains can drastically improve the provider’s ability to participate in a bilingual and bicultural medical scenario.

+ What are the assessments I must complete to pass the program?

Students are not permitted to move forward without first demonstrating a successful acquisition of concepts, compartmentalized according to thematic lessons. If the student were to desire additional practice, they have the option to re-do exercises and/or entire sections, an important design feature that both eliminates anxiety (the pressure to learn concepts in one go-around) and facilitates repetition.

Each of the three levels of the Canopy Learn program has a final assessment exam that is a compulsory activity if the student wishes to obtain a certificate of completion of a level. The minimum passing score of the final assessments is a 70%. Over the course of the three levels of the Canopy Learn program, there are a total of 31 unit quizzes in addition to a Level I “Pre-Assessment Test” and five “Review Modules” that assess sufficient mastery of the specific material in a course module or level, providing reinforcement and self-assessment so that the student feels confident moving on to the subsequent content module. Aside from providing consistent feedback, a student must have completed all of the quizzes, review sections, and assessments in a level — obtaining a minimum score of 70% — to acquire the certificate of completion for that level.

+ I've completed a level. How do I acquire my certificate of completion?

After completing a level in the course, you should receive an automated e-mail with your certificate of completion within 24 hours. If you have not received the e-mail, please contact info@canopyapps.com

+ I haven't received my certificate of completion after 24 hours

In order for the Canopy Learn platform to process your level as complete to generate your certificate, you need to have completed all quizzes and the final exam (obtaining a minimum score of 70% on each unique assessment).

+ How am I able to reference my certificates?

Certificate holders may say that they hold a Certificate in Medical Spanish. Certificate holders shall not claim they are certified or hold a certification for medical interpretation, nor shall they use letters or acronyms after their name.

For practicing clinicians: Successful completion of Canopy Learn does not qualify you to act as an interpreter. The course is a learning tool and source of reference intended to empower you to develop a rapport with your Spanish-speaking patients. Managing clinical communication in another language beyond your skill-level without a trained interpreter will be dangerous for the patient. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released an impactful brief which highlights the critical importance of ensuring providers do not try to communicate with limited English proficiency (LEP) patients beyond their means. There is an established body of literature that links medical language education to improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes. There is much effort being made to foster a clinical workforce that is competent to deliver quality healthcare to patients of all backgrounds, especially patients who are not proficient in English. However, a common cause of adverse events for LEP patients is due to providers trying to get by with unsophisticated language skills.

Healthcare institutions are responsible for qualifying the language skills of their staff. Canopy Learn's intention is to provide a solid foundation and continuing resource to establish and fortify linguistic capacity across a wide variety of medical topics and heighten the importance of cultural awareness. Graduates are encouraged to seek a qualification or certification from their healthcare institution to validate/invalidate their ability to communicate clinically about specific medical topics.

+ Can I access the course through the Canopy mobile app?

No, the Canopy Medical Spanish course is a separate entity from the Canopy Medical Translator app. You cannot use your login from the course to login to the mobile app.

+ When will my account expire?

Your account will expire on the date exactly one year after the date of purchase. For example, if you bought the course on 01/01/2016, your account will expire on 01/01/2017.

+ Am I required to renew?

Successful completion of Canopy Learn is not a certification and graduates are not required to renew.

+ Am I billed once or monthly?

You will be billed once for a full payment. You will not be billed monthly.

+ What is the refund policy?

Canopy Learn has a 7-day refund policy in case a customer realizes they have access through their institution, purchased the incorrect level, are unable to complete the program, or are in similar situations. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be provided to customers that have completed more than 30% of the level(s) they’ve purchased.

+ What is the relationship with the NIH?

Canopy Innovations, Inc. is the recipient of multiple innovation awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).