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The #1 Medical Spanish Training System for Healthcare

Awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our Medical Spanish Training System has been empowered 100,000+ healthcre professionals and 160+ organizations to foster bilingual doctors and nurses and improve communication and care for the Spanish speaking patients and community across the U.S.

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Educational Institutions

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1/3 of the U.S. Medical, Nursing, and DO schools have incorporated the Canopy Learn medical Spanish into their curriculum, improving the diversity of their offerings.

Membership Associations

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Canopy partners with Membership Associations to offer premium benefits with a preferred rates that has been widely successful for both associations and Canopy.

Hospitals & Clinics


Clinics, hospitals and pharmacies offer Canopy as a career training and employee benefit to facilitate the communications with Spanish-speaking patients.

Turnkey Solution for Learners and Administrators


Spanish Curriculum Tailored for Medical Professionals


The research validated Medical Spanish Curriculum consists of 3 proficiency levels with 12 lessons in each level. In each lesson, there is a combination of Medical Terminology, Vocabulary, Grammar, and - the last but not least - Cultural modules, which helps the healthcare workers to master a foreign language with medical knowledge and the sense of communicating with Hispanic patients like working in authentic clinical scenarios.

Canopy Learn Medical Spanish is tailored for medical, developed for the busy schedules of healthcare professionals. The medical topics has been spread across all three levels, covering the major medical treatments, from physical health to mental health, from primary topics to various medical specialties. The wide spectrum of medical topics is not only for Medical students or Nursing students, but also healthcare professionals like Medical Doctors(MD), Doctor of Osteopathic(DO), Physician Assistants(PA), Registered Nurses(RN), and Pharmacists.

Level I Level II Level III
Greetings & Introduction Contraception & Sexually
Transmitted Infection (STI)
Tuberculosis Terms
Work at the Clinics Cardiology & Myocardial Infarction (MI) Metabolic Syndrome Terms
Pain Descriptions Pneumology & Allergy Terms
Trauma & Critical Care
Gastrointestinal (GI) terms Pharmacy, Medicines, Dosage Discharge Planning & Social Work
Basic Physical Exam Terms Urology Terms Breast, Cervical & Uterine Cancer
Diet & Diabetes Terms Obstetric Terms (OB-GYN) Well Baby Visit & Child Safety
Major Trauma, Body parts,
Minor Injury
Pre- & Post-op
Surgery Terms
Palliative Care Terms
Vaccinations & Allergies
Elder Care Terms HIV / AIDS Terms
Cardiology Alcohol Addiction & Drug Abuse Depressions & Suicide
Cancer & Internal Organs Stroke Terms Seizures Terms
Depression & Anxiety Terms
Headache & Migraine Terms

In medical settings, getting to know about the culture behind the patients you are communicating with is even more crucial. In our curriculum, culture modules are presented in each level - tailored for different medical specialties and presented in a series of customized medical telenovela for you to learn with fun and ease.

Sample Spanish communication techniques in situations like:

  • How to discuss sexual history with Hispanic patients

  • How to talk to an elderly patient in mental acuity exam

  • How to ask family medical history in Spanish

  • How to express negative or bad news to patients and their families

  • How to ask questions during labor

Example medical cultures included in the syllabus:

  • Myths about cancer in Latino communities

  • Vaccines in immigrant communities

  • The relation of religion and health in Latino culture

  • La Cuarentena (a period of confinement after childbirth)

  • Collectivism and Elder care in Latino culture

  • Differences between Latin American and U.S. pharmacies


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