The Triple Threat in Healthcare for LEP Patients


Quality of care involves not just good facilities, and professionals. In order to provide a great service to the patients, it is critical to have good communication skills as well. That's what states the article "Language Differences as a Barrier to Quality and Safety in Health Care: The Joint Commission Perspective" by Paul M. Schyve.

Originally published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the article points some of the reasons that might keep physicians away from effectively communicating. Here they are:

(1) the language barrier, 
(2) the cultural differences, 
(3) and the low health literacy. 

When a patient has a very limited English and the physician, on the other hand, does not speak a second language, these three factors converge and create what we call-  THE THREE THREATS. According to Dr. Paul M. Schyve, these factors decrease the quality of healthcare of patients. 

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