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"It's like you’ve been heard but nobody was actually listening...": Changing the Landscape of the Immigrant Patient Experience

Susan Mirabal has a masters in biology with a biophysics concentration, experience with health policy, and is a candidate for an M.D. In this blog piece, she offers her personal insights into the immigrant patient experience and she discusses her active efforts to change the linguistic and cultural landscape of healthcare in the future. An inspiring woman and an inspiring read!

Not competitors, but comrades

“When I know I’m interpreting for a cardiologist, I really like to go into the app to look for the most common sentences that might come up in a conversation between the doctor and the patient. I could use a dictionary, but you cannot translate word-for-word! You really need to understand the meaning of the sentence. The app does a really good job with that. I often find that the words in the app are much more appropriate to the greater meaning of what has to be communicated.”

"I feel handcuffed": Dr. Bernard Lopez on language barriers in healthcare

"I feel handcuffed": Dr. Bernard Lopez on language barriers in healthcare

Bernard L. Lopez, MD, MS, CPE, FACEP, FAAEM speaks about the importance of communication, discusses current barriers for limited-English-proficiency patients, and gives his impressions of the Canopy Medical Translator App. Dr. Lopez is a professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and the Associate Dean of Diversity and Community Engagement at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.