Top 10 Emerging Careers

Research shows interpreters on top of the list



The University of California San Diego released a list recently with the top 10 emerging careers in the U.S for college grads for the next ten years. According to the report, "interpreters and translators" topped the list, followed by "Operation Research Analysts," and "Personal Financial Advisors." Within ten years, the number of interpreters in the US should increase by 31% with around 67.000 people employed earning an average of U$21.90 per hour.  

The list was made by combining two things: the highest projected growth rates plus the most online job postings. The information was obtained through Emsi, a labor-market data firm. It was also taken into consideration the careers that require a bachelor's degree and less than five years of work experience. Here is the list of the top ten:

1. Interpreters and translators
2. Operations research analysts
3. Personal financial advisors
4. Computer systems analysts
5. Software developers, applications
6. Market research analysts and marketing specialists
7. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors
8. Information security analysts
9. Meeting, convention and event planners
10. Management analysts

To read the full research, click HERE.