Jerrit Tan

Jerrit Tan Interviews with the American College of Cardiology

"We envision a future where health care providers no longer have to dislike using language translation services. Whenever a provider encounters a patient who does not speak the same language as them, they can have Canopy in the palm of their hands to quickly communicate and exchange information. Our vision is that this will work not only in the US for non-English speakers, but globally wherever there is a language barrier in health care."

Healthcare for the Underserved - Canopy Apps Physicians Reception

On Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, Canopy Apps hosted their first annual Physicians Reception at Gansevoort Park Hotel Rooftop in Manhattan, New York.

Canopy Apps most popular innovation amongst EM Directors at ACEP 2013!

"Probably the best technology showcased here. It's something that is necessary and  can use everyday," quoted Henry Ford Health System's medical director.