Canopy Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish in 30 secs | August 22nd

We just launched our new tool to empower medical students and providers when communication with Spanish-speaking patients. You can subscribe for free through this link.

It is divided in two main blocks: our ‘Vocab of the Week’, with useful expressions and words to establish a basic communication with Lower English Proficiency patients, and 'Keep this in Mind’, a snippet of relevant information regarding the need for better Quality of Care and Patient Communication.



Did you like it? How can we make it better?

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Watch: "Learn How to Do a Physical Exam in Spanish"

Last week, we hosted webinar on how to communicate a Spanish speaking patient during a physical exam. Our co-host was the American Medical Students Association (AMSA). The webinar was watched simultaneously by medical students all over the country and was led by Dr. Cynthia Santos, MD.