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Take an in-depth dive into the state of the language barrier: join Canopy Innovations’ webinar, “Dissecting the Language Barrier in Nursing and Prioritizing Solutions” at 2pm eastern on October 5th! We are excited to be a part of this important effort as we work together to address the complexities of the linguistic and cultural barrier in nursing and to create solutions to enable quality care delivery for nurses today and tomorrow.


One in every eight individuals in the U.S. is limited-English proficient (LEP). Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those patients receive language assistance services due to limited resources and inadequate tools. This communicative impasse impacts all parties: a study examining a tertiary care medical center found that 97% of nurses and 78% of physicians reported workplace stress as a direct result of language barriers in caring for their LEP patients.


Nursing leaders — managers, professors, administrators, advocates — do you struggle with this issue in your practice and/or for your nurse workforce?


This webinar is for you!