New version of Canopy Medical Translator is now live!

New and improved navigation!

Access to popular searches from across the Canopy community

Full screen display to easily share phrases with your patients

Curated playlists of your most common and recently used phrases

Bug fixes, UI improvements and performance enhancements


Search is a powerful tool for you! If you need to communicate something quickly, type in a keyword from that phrase and pull it up immediately. This may help you communicate more quickly. Don't type the whole sentence, just a term! 

We've provided you with some popular search queries. Find them by tapping the search icon.



New Design:

We're hoping these design changes will improve your experience using the app. The navigation is new and improved.


It should be much easier for you to create custom playlists of phrases around common interactions. Always asking the same set of replicable questions across patients? Need to communicate the same information? Put those phrases in a list! 

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