Latinos and the Secondhand Smoke in NYC


A study released this February by the New York City Health Department on Second-Hand Smoke and Smoke-Free housing in NYC revealed some interesting data concerning secondhand smoke. 

An alarming 44% of New Yorkers said they are exposed to secondhand smoke inside their own homes from an outside source. In regards to ethnic groups, the study shows that 56% of the Latino adults were more likely to smell secondhand smoke at home from outside than all other non-Latino racial/ethnic groups. Blacks (44%) were more likely to smell cigarettes smoke than Whites (38%) and Asian/Pacific Islanders (35%). 

Another section of the study analyzed the number of smoke-free buildings in the city. The result is 4 out of 10 New Yorkers report they lived in a smoke-free building. Latinos (45%) and Asian Pacific Islanders (49%) were also more likely to report their building had a smoke-free policy than Whites (36%) or Blacks (37%).

Three-quarters of all New Yorkers (77%) also reported they had their own in-home smoke free policy. Latinos (85%) were more likely to prohibit smoke in their homes, followed by Blacks (84%), Whites (83%), and Asian/Pacific Islanders (67%).

Read the full report HERE