Duke University School of Nursing Uses Innovative Tactics to Better Address Health Disparity — A Case Study


With a population that is becoming increasingly linguistically and culturally diverse, it is critical that academic institutions provide their scholars with the support and tools necessary to work effectively with language-minority patients. Recently, Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) — recently ranked 4th best nursing program in the country — worked with Canopy Innovations to strengthen its medical Spanish offering, enabling nursing students and broader community to better serve the native Spanish-speaking population that currently numbers 41 million in the United States. This more robust offering further promotes DUSON’s mission to foster a nursing community able to effectively address health disparities through improved communication with their limited English proficiency (LEP) patients.

Wondering how your institution can improve its medical Spanish offering as DUSON did? Read the case study and reach out to our team to learn more!

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Canopy Learn is a critical component to the nursing program. Part of DUSON’s mission is to provide students a skillset that they can bring into workplaces in diverse communities with patients from diverse backgrounds. Our medical Spanish offering is critical to effectively serve the community here locally in addition to the broader United States and internationally.
— Rosa Solorzano, MD, MPH. DUSON Medical Spanish Instructor & Coordinator