Article Update -- News in the New Year

Since the beginning of January there have been a number of articles to note. If you haven't caught them already, you should give these a read.


"Differences in Physicians' Verbal and Nonverbal Communication With Black and White Patients at the End of Life"

A recent study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management reveals that health care providers communicate less compassionate nonverbal cues to their black patients than their white patients. As body language is inherent to communicating trust and establishing understanding, the analysis and documentation reporting racial bias reflected in nonverbal communication is of great significance.

The original article here 

A short summary from Becker's Hospital Review


"Access to Interpreter Services at U.S. Dental School Clinics"

"Most of the responding dental schools reported offering fewer than two hours of instruction to their predoctoral students on treating LEP patients." 

Although almost 90% of the respondents indicated believing LEP patients received care equal in quality to that of non-LEP patients in their clinics, only 61.9% indicated that their students were adequately prepared to manage LEP patients following graduation."

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