Celebrate 2019 Medical Spanish Month with Canopy!

Once a year, we are celebrating the 2019 Medical Spanish Month in September! It’s a time to appreciate your initiative and hard work of learning Medical Spanish with Canopy to enhance the communication with the growing population of Spanish-speaking patients; to better serve the underserved Spanish-speaking communities; to improve your competency in order to fulfill the shortage of Spanish-speaking healthcare providers in the job market.

To the 100+ institutions and hospitals that have offered Canopy Learn Medical Spanish courses in your organizations, thank you for your support to reform the communications in the healthcare together with Canopy and empower your students, doctors, nurses, and staff to eliminate language barriers in the healthcare!

Share and Join the 2019 Medical Spanish Month with over 110,000 healthcare professionals, and over 100 top medical institutions with Canopy now!



Take Medical Spanish Quiz

False fluency is even worse than not understanding medical Spanish at all! Test your medical Spanish level via this quiz here and see how many score you can achieve. All the practices are available in Canopy Learn Medical Spanish courses! TAKE QUIZ NOW —>

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Join 15-Min/15-Day Challenge

Persistence is the KEY! Canopy Learn Medical Spanish lesson consists of 15-min modules that are perfectly tailored for your busy schedules. Sign up to get enrolled in the 15-day challenge, logging in to Canopy to learn for 15 days in a row, sharing your progress through your social media, and tagging #MedicalSpanish #withCanopy! JOIN NOW —>

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Share Your Voice!

With the growing population of Spanish-speaking patients in the U.S., the shortage and need for bilingual healthcare providers are growing tremendously! We need more healthcare professionals to join us to eliminate the language barriers together. Share your story about why you learn Medical Spanish to unlock more rewards. COUNT ME IN —>

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Learn Canopy with Your Friends & Colleagues!

Here we go - for Canopy Fans, Evangelists, Medical Spanish Learners, please share Canopy Medical Spanish courses with your friends and colleagues so that you can all get extra benefit of improving patient communications. YES, I’M IN! —>