Canopy is proud to be featured in a study in the Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Practice

Preliminary data suggest that incorporation of a longitudinal Spanish language and cultural competency curriculum for Emergency Medicine (EM) residents has a beneficial impact on patient satisfaction and adherence to medical recommendations for Spanish-speaking patients. Canopy Learn — Canopy’s NIH-funded online medical Spanish course — was one of the components of this curriculum that has demonstrated improvement in patient experience and medical adherence.

8 Critical Reasons To Reduce Language Barriers in Nursing

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One in every eight individuals in the U.S. is limited-English proficient (LEP). Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those patients receive language assistance services due to limited resources and inadequate tools. The language barrier undermines the quality of care the nursing community is able to deliver to the growing LEP population.

Lessons Learned from a Medical Mission: A Guest Post by Sarah Olofsson

As health care providers, it is our responsibility to provide comfort and act as a source of information for all the patients we see. Language barriers can make this extremely difficult, especially when compounded by the shaky inexperienced hands of young medical students. It is vitally important for all young health professionals to properly educate themselves in the language and necessary skills before endeavoring to care for people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

Patients' #1 Complaint on Physicians Regards Customer Service, Not Clinical Skill

"In summary, the study found that fewer than 1 in 20 online complaints cite diagnosis, treatments and outcomes in healthcare as unsatisfactory, whereas more than 19 of 20 unhappy patients said inadequate communications and disorganized operations drove them to post harsh reviews." (Becker's Hospital Review)

New version of Canopy Medical Translator is now live!

The app is dynamic! Here are the first improvements of many to come:

-New and improved navigation!
-Access to popular searches from across the Canopy community
-Full screen display to easily share phrases with your patients
-Curated playlists of your most common and recently used phrases
-Bug fixes, UI improvements and performance enhancements

NYTimes Article on Influx of West African Languages in the Bronx -- Need for Interpreters

In the article, Influx of West Africans in the Bronx Spurs Demand for Interpreters Liz Robbins not only emphasizes the scope of the language barrier for this growing population in the healthcare realm but also in navigating and accessing other processes from immigration paperwork to housing applications, education services, etc.

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