Canopy Connect is an interpreter services delivery and analytics platform. It centralizes otherwise disparate language resources into a single, unified tool that simplifies access for providers, shifts utilization to hospital approved resources, captures comprehensive usage data, and integrates into core systems for revenue capture and compliance (EHRs, RCMs).

When confronted with a language barrier, providers typically have a plethora of language assistance service (LAS) options: over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), video remote interpretation (VRI), or in-person interpretation with a full-time staff interpreter or a qualified bilingual dual role colleague. Unfortunately, the usefulness of these resources is often compromised by the logistical pitfalls and inefficient processes of pagers, fax machines, telephone tag, and dumb phones. The provider will often find him/herself without appropriate language support, the patient receives inferior care, and the facility suffers. For the LAS team, specifically, optimization of the LAS processes and systems is challenging given the opacity in usage and non-standardized data collection of interpretation activity. With Connect, providers can call or text with available full-time interpreters or qualified bilingual staff for remote or in-person interpretation. No in-person interpreters available? Connect will route you to your facility’s over-the-phone interpreter line. Need interpretation for later on? Schedule an interpretation through Connect.


Improved Productivity

The Connect platform simplifies coordination of interpretation and enables more efficient utilization of a facility's existing resources 

Better Quality of Care

Improvement of access to LAS shifts usage to the highest quality available resource, decreasing the risk of adverse events, and improving patient experience, satisfaction, and health outcomes

Increased Visibility

Reporting and analytics across all interpretations routed through the platform: e.g. monthly interpretation levels, comparative costs of services 

Reduced Risk

Simplified access to approved resources + automatically documented audit trail reduces risk of malpractice and legal non-compliance penalties

Third Party Integration

Directly integrates with core EHR, RCM, and Practice Management systems to support seamless provider workflow, automate data exchange, and tie into reimbursement cycles

Cost Control

Improving access to communication aid tempers language barrier-related costs: reduces unnecessary testing, ED admissions, and length of stay