Medical Language Learning

Clarity and mutual understanding in patient-provider communication are absolute imperatives in providing great patient care. With support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Canopy has developed an online medical Spanish course that empowers medical students and professionals with the skills to overcome communication friction and better care for increasingly diverse patient populations. The course teaches specialized medical concepts and terminology across a wide spectrum of commonly-encountered clinical scenarios to enable providers to establish a rapport with their Spanish-speaking patients.


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Validated Methodology

The Canopy Learn curriculum was developed through a research-validated pedagogy, specifically designed to mimic the experience of studying with a live tutor and guide learners through acquisition, retention, and application of new linguistic and cultural skills in real-life situations.


Accessible & Convenient

It’s online and self-paced! With a modular lesson design, you can take the course at your own pace (as opposed to classroom or tutor-based instruction) allowing flexibility for busy practitioner and student schedules. Relevant for all proficiency levels: with three progressive course levels, it’s appropriate for beginners to heritage Spanish-speakers.


Mix of Interactive Activities

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises provide learners a varied, interactive blend of activities that emulate language learning with a tutor.

Carefully designed role play exercises enable an immersive way to apply skills and produce speech, which is critical for solidifying newly acquired linguistic abilities!


Rich Media & Telenovela

Canopy's video lessons and custom written and produced Telenovela focus on on the most common practitioner-patient interactions, demonstrating the authentic context in which medical Spanish is actually used. It’s a must-see!

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* Completion of the program does not replace certified medical interpreters: seeking qualified interpretation aid is always a priority!

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